A car with style

When on tour conductors are generally met at the airport by either representatives of the orchestra or a limo service. I especially enjoy it when I am met by members of the Friends of the Orchestra committee as it is always wonderful to hear of their enthusiasm and love for their orchestra and their pride of their community.

I have enjoyed rides in a variety of fancy cars in my time – the Sydney Symphony, for instance uses a service that drives Mercedes S-Class cars, whilst for a while, Orchestra Wellington used a Jaguar XJ. 

These are really nice cars but they pale in comparison to the noble 1961 Morris Minor as driven by Pete Rainey – the extraordinary Nelson City councillor who picked me up for Nelson’s annual “Opera in the Park” concert last week. Pete is a tremendous public servant who is convinced by the impact the arts and music have on a community’s quality of life. His tireless work for the Nelson City Council and also his work in starting the vital Rockquest competition make him one of New Zealand’s heros.

Look at the lines of this beauty – and it is a car that is proud to wear its age without  any cosmetic work! Granted, I could see through the floor and the fumes may have overwhelmed me if I had stayed in it any longer, but it is a magnificent machine!

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