Arohanui Strings program

Most musicians I know have a keen interest in education. Whether it is in terms of teaching privately or acknowledging the debt that we owe to our teachers and mentors, we are all the sum of our experience and this experience shapes our lives as much as it shapes our music. For some musicians, the idea of music being used as a tool for social good is a strong motivating factor. Certainly, I have always considered it a privilege to offer my services in support of notable charities and I never fail to be moved by the power of music to unite people.

One member of Orchestra Wellington who is an inspiration to me in this regard is Allison Eldredge. In addition to playing in our viola section, Alison has founded the Sistema-based programme Arohanui Strings. Alison is doing brilliant work and I am excited that Orchestra Wellington is partnering with her amazing programme.  I urge you to have a look at the site and donate here, if you can.

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