Food and music (if not rugby) - a new blog from The Omnivore

I am hugely fortunate in that in addition to being brilliant thinkers with a shared sense of the direction our art form must take to continue to touch lives, Alick Shaw, the Chairman of the Orchestra Wellington Board and Adan Tijerina, the General Manager of the orchestra share a love of food. In fact both Alick and Adan have been deeply involved in the profession. Alick was the Chef/Owner of Zinos Restaurant in Island Bay – a legendary restaurant that had an uncommon balance between vision and delivery and was one of my very favorite places to dine back in the day. Adan was a partner of The Matterhorn Restaurant in Wellington – a restaurant that was awarded the Cuisine Magazine New Zealand Restaurant of the Year award a while back.

When we get through discussing music (and quite often before and during!) we will start talking food. All three of us have very different points of view but we appear to have no trouble appreciating the other’s opinions. I have also enjoyed a number of excellent meals with both of these fine gentlemen and recently we had an enjoyable lunch with Jeremy Taylor. Jeremy is a great food blogger whose blog, “The Omnivore“ is hosted in the life-style section of His blog is essential reading for anyone remotely interested in food in New Zealand and I particularly like his inclusive manner and the vibrant community that continually make perceptive comments.

I have previously blogged about parallels between fine food and our conversation we enjoyed brought further refinement to my thinking. Please follow the link to have a read and by all means do bookmark his blog and check in from time to time.

In vino veritas, Marc