Additional management

I am pleased to announce that I am under additional management with Athole Still Opera in the UK. 

I met Elise Maingot from Athole Still Opera when I was working with one of her artists and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra earlier in the year. Any time I work with the Adelaide Symphony is a happy occasion but this programme went particularly well. The repertoire and soloist were excellent and the resulting collaboration was open and fulfilling. The soloist said really nice things about the experience and Elise put the “seed” into my head regarding management.

I really appreciated the fact that Elise made the trip down under to accompany the soloist and I was impressed with the work she was undertaking for her artists with the Australian Orchestras and promoters.

This management does not replace the wonderful relationship that I enjoy with John Ballard at Maxima Artists and in fact, it is to his credit that he is 100% behind this development.